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Pipe extrusion

PA Nnylon Pipe Production Lne

PA Nnylon Pipe Production Lne

PA Nylon Pipe Production Line
has reasonable and compact structure and high efficiency, Adoption of special screw for Nylon solved the problem of difficult pipe formation from PA material. The production of PA pipe is stable and easy to control. The cutting-unit is advanced and makes the pipes in good shape without burr. The nylon pipes are widely used as automobile brake oil pipes, meter pipes, power supply pipes and air condition pipes for the high density, aging resistance and anti-high temperature. 
PA Nylon Pipe Extursion Line mainly consists of single screw extruder ,die head,shaped machine and winding machine.We makes nylon pipe production equipment, structural design reasonable compact, the production efficiency is high, uses the nylon special-purpose screw rod, has solved the material difficult extrusion molding key question, the continuous running is stable, simplicity of operator. The unique online cutter device, causes the product margin smooth smooth, burr-free. Because the PA nylon tube is thermostable, anti-corrosive, has widely used in the automobile brake tubes, the fuel supply ring, the measuring appliance line, the air-conditioning system and so on.

Main technical data of PA pipe production line:


Pipe range


L/D ratio


Installed power

Speed (m/min)