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Pipe extrusion

HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Extrusion Line
Product Description:
HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Production Line designed with advanced technology includes 1st single screw extruder for square shaped pipe, square shaped pipe extrusion die, vacuum calibration water tank, spray cooling water tank, 2nd single screw extruder for melting glue material, spiral forming unit, cutting unit and stack unit.
HDPE Large Diameter Hollow Wall Winding Pipe produced by this Line has high ring stiffness ,high brunt intensity and low weight, it has many advantages such as good creep deformation resistance, outer pressure resistance, erosion resistance(such as acid, alkali and salt etc.), long life of approximate 50 years, no pollution and so on. It has been widely used for sewerage and drainage in city, it will replace the cement pipe, cast iron pipe and other pipes. Its low cost of assembling, easy operation, easy connection and economical construction can make it wide foreground and market potential.
The Main Technical Specifications:
Model Pipe dia./mm                                           Extruder Total powerkw Max output/kg Length/m
Model Screw L/D main power Heat power
JD-RG800 200-800mm SJ90 30:1 75 30 220kw 300kg 21.5×10×2.6
SJ65 30:1 37 18
JD-RG1200 200-1200mm SJ90 30:1 110 36 310kw 500kg 23×10×2.7
SJ65 30:1 55 18
JD-RG1500 800-1500mm SJ120 30:1 132 42 357kw 650kg 28×18×6
SJ65 30:1 75 18
JD-RG2200 1500-2200mm SJ150 30:1 160 80 398kw 850kg 30×20×7
SJ90 30:1 75 30
JD-RG3000 2200-3000mm SJ150 30:1 185 80 500kw 1000kg 32×20×8