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Pipe extrusion

PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe production line

PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe production line

1.Introduction of PE/PVC double wall corrugated pipe production line:

PE PVC Double-wall corrugated pipe production line is my plant collection for many years of experience in manufacturing corrugated pipe equipment, on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology and manufacturing processes, well-designed developed, It is not afraid of acid, corrosion resistance and good sealing, no water seepage, high ring stiffness, friction coefficient, anti-aging, anti-electric erosion, softness and good features Applications for wires, cables threading pipe, washing machine drains, vacuum cleaner tubes, ventilation tubes, etc

Adopt to PLC control system it is more accurate more intellectualize control order makes the operation more simple.
The production line is the single screw extruder in high efficiency, has the independent water and air circular system and form the double wall corrugated pipe by cooling water and compress air. 
Corrugated forming system with strong cooling ability operation more simple efficiency,
The mould surface is nitrided, has the adjust equipment to adjust the wall thickness, it suitable for different diameters pipes.
Extruder has air cooling and water cooling function. 
2.The main technique parameter:

production line model diameter range/mm extruder speed of hauling off/m power/kw length of production line/m
JD-PVCG63 16-63mm SJSZ51 1-12m 70kw 24m
JD-PVCG160 75-160mm SJSZ60 1-8m 89kw 26m
JD-PVCG250 110-250mm SJSZ65 1-6m 95kw 32m
JD-PVCG400 200-400mm SJSZ80 1-6m 135kw 40m
JD-PVCG630 315-630mm SJSZ92 1-4m 255kw 52m