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Plastic profile production line

PVC Window&Door Profile Production Line

PVC Window&Door Profile Production Line
This production line is mainly used in producing PVC door & window profiled material, wide door plate, window plate, etc. For different sectional surface and molds, twin parallel (conical) screws extruder of different specifications can be chosen together with corresponding vacuum calibrating table, haul-off unit, cutting unit, tilter, etc.
The Main Technical Specifications:
Model Extruder Width Main power Water Air Output
JD50 SJSZ45/99 50mm 11kw 5m3/h 0.5m3/h 50kg/h
JD108 SJSZ45/99 108mm 18.5kw 5m3/h 0.6m3/h 80kg/h
JD180 SJSZ51/102 180mm 22kw 5m3/h 0.6m3/h 120kg/h
JD240 SJSZ55/110 240mm 30kw 7m3/h 0.6m3/h 150kg/h
JD300 SJSZ65/132 300mm 37kw 7m3/h 0.6m3/h 250kg/h
JD400 SJSZ65/132 400mm 37kw 8m3/h 0.6m3/h 250kg/h
JD500 SJSZ80/156 500mm 55kw 10m3/h 0.6m3/h 360kg/h