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Pipe extrusion

PVC Water Supply/Drainage Pipe Production Line

PVC Water Supply/Drainage Pipe Production Line
PVC Pipe Production Line is specially designed for producing PVC pipe. It mainly includes twin screw extruder, pipe extrusion die, vacuum calibrating water tank, spray cooling water tank, hauling unit, cutting unit and stack unit.Mainly used to produce U-PVC, C-PVC pipe for supply and drain water.
The Main Technical Specifications:
Model Pipe dia./mm Extruder Speed/m Total power/kw Length/m
JD-PVCG63 16-63mm SJSZ51 1-12m 70kw 24m
JD-PVCG160 75-160mm SJSZ60 1-8m 89kw 26m
JD-PVCG250 110-250mm SJSZ65 1-6m 95kw 32m
JD-PVCG400 200-400mm SJSZ80 1-6m 135kw 40m
JD-PVCG630 315-630mm SJSZ92 1-4m 255kw 52m